One Solution

When communication is critical and time is precious, choose the One Solution that offers the very best. The best in technology, the best in availability, the best in efficiency and the best in seamless customised integration.

Our SAT PTT Solution using the Cobham Explorer “Push to Talk” device provides least-cost-routed voice and data solutions for public safety that utilises the most advanced satellite and LTE technologies. Offering specialised voice codecs, unique smart data transport technology and an efficient mobile broadband solution. Wireless Innovation offers a clear path to the future of critical communications, while also providing a step by step approach for those who wish to build on their existing infrastructure.

1. SAT PTT extends an existing radio network

Combine your radios with LTE and Satellite via our cloud-managed infrastructure that integrates into your core system for full redundancy when it’s needed most.

2. Least-cost-routed mobile data

Our advanced bearer management system means using the most cost-effective network while maintaining a constant connection that will not drop critical data.

3. Voice and data anywhere

Our satellite network is always available and connected regardless of geographical area, even as you evolve from a voice only network to a data-rich APP and MDT capable system.


Single Control Head Integration

The Wireless Innovation single control head integration with P25 or DMR radios brings all of the elements together: LMR, LTE and Satellite managed directly on the radio itself. This allows the user to utilise the existing radio in the vehicle regardless of whether they are using LMR, LTE or Satellite.

Wireless Innovation_5796


Wireless Innovation provides interconnectivity between your existing P25 radio network and our devices using the TIA standard Inter-RF-Subsystem Interface (ISSI). This will allow your Satellite PTT solution appear to the console as another P25 radio in your network, ensuring a seamless extension to your existing P25 network without the need to add additional terrestrial infrastructure. This enables the Cobham PTT device to be a truly global P25 solution.  ISSI provides many benefits such as subscriber ID, emergency and even GPS location all the way to the console operator. Our ISSI gateway can support both Phase 1 (AMBE Fullrate)  and Phase 2 (AMBE Half rate P25 systems). By adding  satellite & LTE  bearers to your existing P25 network,  the user can to continue to operate in the same way when outside of the LMR network which offers a rich P25 experience with a global coverage. The ISSI gateway ensures we can utilize the satellite bearer in a highly optimized and cost effective way and allows us to add bearers and IP networks to the existing core infrastructure.


Being able to manage your devices remotely is extremely important as in many cases they could be hundreds of kilometres away. Wireless Innovation provides enhanced cloud based platforms to allow customers to not only manage SAT PTT devices but provide greater visibility of key device metrics. Using our platform you can configure every aspect of your device completely “over the air”, see its location and have an up to date status of your entire fleet. The Wireless innovation platform comprises of a fully hosted environment to make it simple to get up and running quickly with all the features and support required.  Modular “value added services” are available simply by selecting the components you require all within a single hosted environment.