“Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

– Henry Ford.

About Us

Wireless Innovation Pty Ltd unites the new technologies offered by commercial LTE operators with far superior coverage and network area. Our SAT PTT solution combined with a reliable satellite network which is always available regardless of location or weather. Experience our cutting-edge technology that guarantees first responders to catastrophic events such as cyclones or floods, a dependable network with consistent coverage and the critical data via a full broadband connection on LTE and satellite on the move.

Choose our efficient sophisticated least-cost-routing to extend your existing radio network and be ready for the future with a clear upgrade path. We connect seamlessly into radio cores and data networks using standards based technology.

Wireless Innovation is an Australian company with offices in Perth, Brisbane and San Francisco. We offer decades of experience in satellite and radio technologies, with the capacity to customise solutions to every customer and the ability to deploy projects of any scale.

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Our Team brings many years of experience in each field which is one of our key ingredients to ensure success and inspire confidence in our ability to design, deliver and support your project.

Neil Jamieson

Neil Jamieson

Tel: 0491 156 653
Neil offers over 15 years of experience in the satellite communications arena through Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Representing Wireless Innovation in sales and strategy, Neil is at home working with Australian Emergency services including fire, ambulance and police. Neil’s depth of experience enables him to produce specialised solutions for the L Band satellite product portfolio in Australia.

Recently Neil was awarded ‘Innovator of the Year’ by Cobham Satcom for his role in helping to shape the future of Satellite Push-To-Talk technology over the Inmarsat BGAN network. Neil’s cutting edge PTT products bridge existing radio networks reducing costs and link communications networks.

Ray Barnes

Ray Barnes

Tel: 0433 134 010
Ray has a lifetime of experience developing hardware based software and enterprise solutions. Having developed cutting edge software such as TurboTrack and eMIMMS, Ray is highly regarded in the communications industry by the likes of Motorola and Skywave. He loves a challenge and focuses on converting customer problems into effective and efficient solutions.

As Technical Director of Wireless Innovation, Ray is constantly evaluating new technologies and seeing how they align with our business focus. Ray has a wealth of knowledge across multiple platforms and development languages, and applies his drive and solution-focused approach to building on his experience with communications and information technology solutions.

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